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Book value per share explained sum

We can see from this graph that when the neuron' s output is close to $ 1$, the curve gets very flat, and so $ \ sigma' ( z) $ gets very small. Equations ( 55) and ( 56) then tell us that $ \ partial c / \ partial w$ and $ \ partial c / \ partial b$ get very small. This is the origin of the learning slowdown. The initial value book value per share explained sum is determined as the average value for a similar box in your area, and risk factors are modeled as book value per share explained sum multiples of $ 250k, ranging from $ 500k for a very low risk, to - $ 500k for a. In business, the difference between the sale price and the production cost of a product is the unit profit. In economics, the sum of the unit profit, the unit depreciation cost, and the unit labor cost is the unit book value per share explained sum value added.

Summing value added per unit over all units sold is total value added. Total value added book value per share explained sum is equivalent to revenue less intermediate consumption.

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