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10 weird anomalies and bizarre conspiracies of the moon. From the perspective of the “ dark side of the moon” conspiracy theorists, the end result is still the same. A side of the moon is permanently away from the viewing eyes on our planet which makes it an ideal place to establish a base and carry out secret activity. Iapetus [ eye- ap- i- tus] is one of the iapetus moon conspiracy book stranger moons of saturn. Its density is similar to that of iapetus moon conspiracy book rhea, indicating that it has a small allotment of rocky materials. Its leading side is dark with a slight reddish color while its trailing side is bright.

The dark surface might be composed of matter that was either swept up from space or oozed from the moon' s interior. Iapetus is the third largest moon of saturn and the eleventh largest moon in the solar system. This, my friends, currently has to iapetus moon conspiracy book be the most compelling find in our entire solar system. This moon is considered the yin- yang of saturn’ s moon because of its incredible two- tone 50/ 50 split. These troubling conspiracy theories about the moon landing suggest something so sinister and so massive in scale, the whole of humankind would have to be tricked for it to work. Is that exactly what happened? The improbable turnaround. The moon has an odd walnut shape and isn’ t spherical like many moons.

Iapetus has an equator that bulges and both of its poles appear squashed. The odd structure of iapetus has led to many conspiracy theory ideas including that it isn’ t a natural satellite or that it. The moon’ s odd iapetus moon conspiracy book topological features include a mountain ridge that runs around the moon’ s equator and reaches six miles high. The cassini spacecraft first spotted the ridge in.

Considering iapetus is only about 892 miles wide, those are huge mountains for a fairly small moon. How the ridge formed is not known. Iapetus, moon of saturn. Iapetus is a moon that orbits round the planet saturn. Its mass is estimated/ calculated at being 1, iapetus moon conspiracy book 805, iapetus moon conspiracy book 952, 411, 282, 580, 000, 000 kg. Its density has been calculated at being 1. It was discovered in the iapetus moon conspiracy book year 1671 by g.

Iapetus ( greek mythology) a titan, the son of uranus and gaia, and father of atlas, prometheus, epimetheus, and iapetus moon conspiracy book menoetius. The third largest moon of saturn an ancient ocean which existed between 6 million years ago.

, richard fortey, the earth, folio society, p. With its distant, inclined orbit, iapetus is the only large moon from which there is a nice view of the rings of saturn. As with some other saturnian moons, iapetus is in resonance with saturn' s largest moon, titan, which orbits at 759, 200 miles ( 1, 221, iapetus moon conspiracy book 850 kilometers). That means that the two objects speed up and slow down as they pass each.

25 space conspiracies that just won' t die. Conspiracy theorists say another dangerous planet is nibiru,. The moon iapetus is an alien death star. Iapetus ( eye- app- eh- tuss) is the third largest of saturn' s 62 moons and one of only about 15 moons that are tidally locked.

The first thing that you' ll notice about iapetus is that one side of this icy moon is white, like dirty snow, and the other side is the color of dark chocolate. Iapetus is iapetus moon conspiracy book one of the outer moons of saturn and has some rather unusual features. Its orbit also differs from all the other saturnian moons. Hoagland suggested that it might be an artificial. What exactly is going on with iapetus? Have a look at this video and see what you think.

More information here: and here: enterprisemission. The moon landing hoax: the eagle that never landed [ dr steven thomas] on amazon. * free* shipping on qualifying offers. Was the apollo 11 moon landing faked? Many people argue that in the 1960s the united states lacked both the ability and iapetus moon conspiracy book technology required to put a man on the moon. At the height of the cold war and with kennedy' s promise to put a man on the moon before. In addition to earth’ s moon which is considered one of the most mysterious moons in the solar system, saturn’ s moon, iapetus, has a series of unusual features which have given rise to numerous theories about the true origin of the mysterious satellite, some have even suggested that its various unusual features point towards an artificially designed satellite. English: iapetus, also japetus, is the third- largest moon of saturn, discovered by giovanni domenico cassini in 1671.

Iapetus is best known for its dramatic ' two- tone' coloration, but recent discoveries by the cassini mission have revealed several other unusual physical characteristics. Iapetus was a titan, son of uranus and gaea, and father of atlas, prometheus, epimetheus and menoetius. His name derives from the greek word meaning to pierce usually with a spear; therefore, iapetus may have been considered as the god of craftsmanship,. The origin of iapetus moon conspiracy book iapetus' s janus faces is one of the longest standing mysteries in the solar system, one that has persisted since the moon' s iapetus moon conspiracy book discovery by the astronomer giovanni cassini in. Iapetus is a large moon of saturn. It was discovered by giovanni domenico cassini in 1671. Iapetus is unusual: one side is very iapetus moon conspiracy book bright and the other side is very dark. This is because one half of the moon is covered in ice and the other side is coated in black, dusty carbon deposits. When cassini observed the moon, he could only see the moon on one side of saturn. Your search criteria found 87 images target is iapetus: go to piaxxxxx: refine this list of images by:. Conspiracy theorists claim iapetus has the same line stretching around its equator and massive crater on top as the death star from star wars and might have been the inspiration for the films.

Iapetus ( / aɪ ˈ æ p ɪ t ə s / ; greek: ιαπετός), or occasionally japetus / ˈ dʒ æ p ɪ t ə s /, is the third- largest natural satellite of saturn, eleventh- largest in the solar system, and the largest body in the solar system known not to be in hydrostatic equilibrium. Discoveries iapetus moon conspiracy book by the cassini mission in revealed several unusual features, such as iapetus moon conspiracy book a massive equatorial ridge. New data reveal a iapetus moon conspiracy book collection of structures that exist as ruins today on the surface of iapetus, a moon of saturn. Military derived remote- viewing methodologies for perceiving across time and space, iapetus moon conspiracy book and working within a scientifically clean and totally blind experimental design at the iapetus moon conspiracy book farsight institute, two of the most skilled remote viewers alive today offer us new eyewitness. The conspiracy theory youtube channel " secureteam10" iapetus moon conspiracy book claims that iapetus is a constructed object with a giant welding mark along one ridge.

Secureteam10 also stated that the moon is like the death star in star wars. This idea is also supported by richard c. Hoagland on his website using his typical abilities to misinterpret pictures, overblow them so one can see whatever he/ she wants on the. According to ufo conspiracy theorists, iapetus moon conspiracy book iapetus, saturn’ s iapetus moon conspiracy book natural satellite or moon, is the most baffling object in our solar system, and there are compelling reasons: from observations of its profoundly anomalous features to belief it is an artificial or intelligently designed structure, possibly a massive alien base, a ufo parked in orbit around saturn by technologically accomplished aliens. Moving back to iapetus, jim mars points out in his iapetus moon conspiracy book our occulted history that it’ s one of the moons of saturn that’ s considered by many researchers to be artificial. He writes: iapetus the planet’ s thrid largest moon, has puzzled researchers since its discovery by italian astronomer giovaccini domenico cassini in.

Iapetus, saturn, arthur c. Clarke, ancient civilizations, lost knowledge i iapetus moon conspiracy book iapetus moon conspiracy book stumbled upon a commentary to this: :. About an alien monolith on saturn' s moon iapetus, at a time in the 1960' s when nasa knew very little. This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923.

This book may have occasional imperfections such as. A 300 year old mystery solved: why saturn' s moon iapetus is iapetus moon conspiracy book half- light, half- dark. Ethan siegel senior iapetus moon conspiracy book contributor opinions expressed by. Conspiracy theorists have pointed out that when iapetus moon conspiracy book the first moon landing was shown on live television, viewers could clearly see the american flag waving and fluttering as neil armstrong and buzz aldrin planted it. Photos of the landing also seem to show rippling in a breeze, such as the image above which clearly shows a fold in the flag. Saturn’ s mysterious moon iapetus is an alien ‘ death star’ created by an intelligent extra- terrestrial civilisation, according to conspiracy theorists. A first impression of iapetus is that it has been slightly squashed, on the order of 50 miles – i. The poles are about 50 miles iapetus moon conspiracy book closer to the center of the moon than they would be had iapetus been a perfect sphere. This squashing can be compared to iapetus’ diameter of roughly 900 miles ( leaving a squashing percentage of about 5% ). To help better understand this iapetus moon conspiracy book seemingly painted moon, nasa directed the robotic cassini spacecraft orbiting saturn to swoop within 2, 000 kilometers in.

Pictured above, from about 75, 000 kilometers out, cassini' s trajectory allowed unprecedented imaging of. Because of this distant, inclined orbit, iapetus moon conspiracy book iapetus is the only large moon from which the rings of saturn would be clearly visible; from the other inner moons, the rings would be edge- on and difficult to see. From iapetus, saturn would appear to be 1° 56' in diameter ( four times the size of the moon viewed from earth). Physical characteristics. Saturn' s iapetus moon conspiracy book moon iapetus, by stocktrek images — buy this art print at allposters. In astronomy, one of the planet saturn' s moons. Iapetus was discovered in 1671 by the italian- born french astronomer and first director of the royal observatory in paris, giovanni domenico cassini. The light and dark faces of saturn' s moon iapetus create a contrast that helped to hide the satellite for years, despite its distant orbit. The moon, which keeps the same face perpetually turned.

The strangest moon in the solar system. Well beyond the orbit of iapetus lies a moon that looks like none of the others orbiting saturn: iapetus moon conspiracy book phoebe. Make medium yours. It' s true that it' s not larger than former- he iapetus moon conspiracy book iapetus, but unlike with iapetus, we do know that haumea does rotate fast enough for its estimated shape to still be in equilibrium. And unlike a moon, it shouldn' t have changed its rotation period substantially over time ( after its presumed past massive collision, which should have melted it).

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