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The social security administration recognizes bipolar disorder as an impairment in its blue book under ssa blue book 12 04 b section 12. 04 depressive, bipolar and related disorders ( see 12. 00b3), satisfied by a and b, or a ssa blue book 12 04 b and ssa blue book 12 04 b c: a. Medical documentation of the requirements of paragraph 1 or 2: depressive disorder, characterized by five ssa blue book 12 04 b or more of the following:.

Page i gaossa disability decision making. Novem the honorable charles b. Under the social security administration’ ssa blue book 12 04 b s ( ssa) disability. If the ssa says your impairments are equally as severe as those in the blue book listings, assuming you meet all other requirements, you will be granted ssdi benefits. Blue book part a – adult listings.

The blue book of impairments undergoes reviews on a regular basis, and impairments are added or deleted as a result. As a result, final 12. 00a2c explains that paragraph c of listings 12. 15 provides the criteria we use to evaluate “ serious and persistent mental disorders. 00a3 reflects the way that these ssa blue book 12 04 b final rules revise the listing criteria for 12. Understanding ssa’ s mental disorder listings is critical to successful ssi/ ssdi applications. In this article, we will review the key medical criteria required for listings 12. You can also find the listings on ssa’ s website here. The first step is to find out if you can meet the social security administration’ s ( ssa’ s) medical eligibility requirements to receive disability support. Continue reading " know your rights: if you suffer severe liver damage from hepatitis b, you may qualify for ssdi or ssi" →. Exacerbations or complications requiring three hospitalizations within a 12- month period and at least 30 days apart ( the 12- month period must occur within the period we are considering in connection with your application or continuing disability ssa blue book 12 04 b review).

The social security administration’ s listing of disabling conditions that can qualify disability benefits is known as the blue book. Formally, the blue book is titled “ disability evaluation under social security”. In the blue book are lists with the qualifying criteria for conditions that claimants applying for disability benefits may be. For ssa blue book 12 04 b technical or practice questions regarding the green book please ssa blue book 12 04 b callor e- mail gov. Looking to purchase a print copy of the green book? Printed copies of the green book will only be available from the u. Government bookstore at the government printing office. In part, disability examiners use a list of impairments known as the " blue book" to determine if an individual will meet ssa blue book 12 04 b the social security definition of disability. What is the blue book? The blue book is a list of impairments ssa blue book 12 04 b with detailed requirements for when the ssa should judge a medical condition to be disabling.

007 mental listings from 09/ 20/ 00 to 12/ 17/ 07. 00 mental disorders. Introduction: the evaluation of disability on the basis of mental disorders requires the documentation of a medically determinable impairment( s), consideration of the degree of limitation such impairment( s) may impose on your ability to work, and consideration of whether these limitations have. 3 rules of evidence and procedure 12. 4 model codes, principles, ssa blue book 12 04 b restatements, standards, sentencing guidelines, and uniform acts 12.

5 aba code of professional responsibility and opinions on ethics. Qualifying for disability due to spinal nerve root compression. The social security administration ( ssa) recognizes that severe nerve root compression can be debilitating, and as a result, it has created an official impairment listing in the ssa’ s “ blue book” ssa blue book 12 04 b of impairments. For an individual with depression to qualify for social security disability benefits, his or her symptoms must meet the severity levels required by the ssa’ s blue book in section 12.

04 affective disorders. An applicant’ s depressive disorder must satisfy requirements a and b or must satisfy requirement c in section 12.

Ssa blue book listings. With such a wide variation of disorders and conditions, the social security administration created a guide for their own representatives and other physicians to determine if an applicant potentially qualifies for disability benefits. The ssa publishes a list of disabling impairments that it refers to when an individual applies for social security disability benefits. This listing of impairments is known as the “ blue book” and bipolar disorder is a condition listed within this publication. Bipolar disorder is covered under listing 12. 04 a3 of the ssa’ s blue book. Text of listing 12.

04 - affective disorders. 04 affective disorders: characterized by a disturbance of mood, accompanied by a full or partial manic or depressive syndrome. Mood refers to a prolonged emotion that colors the whole psychic life; it generally involves either depression or elation. Blue book- september ) this edition of disability evaluation under social security, ( also known as the blue. Book), has been specially prepared to provide physicians and other health. Professionals with an understanding of the disability programs administered by the.

Social security administration. It ssa blue book 12 04 b explains how each program works, and. In order for an anxiety disorder to be sufficiently severe for the ssa to render a finding ssa blue book 12 04 b of disabled, the requirements in section a and b ssa blue book 12 04 b or in a and c of 12. 06 must be satisfied. There are 5 ways in which an individual can satisfy section a through production of medically documented findings. Marginal adjustment, that is, you have minimal capacity to adapt to changes in your environment or to demands that are not already part of your daily life ( see 12. 00b3), satisfied by a and b, or a and c:. Summary of ssa criteria for evaluating impairments caused by multiple sclerosis disability evaluation under ssa blue book 12 04 b social security ( blue book) ssa publication ssa blue book 12 04 b no.

Examiners use the blue book to determine if an applicant meets the ssa’ s definition of “ disabled. ” the blue book offers an important guide to ssa examiners’ methods for evaluating disability applications. On janu, the ssa published the most recent version of the blue book on its website. Ssa blue book ptsd all mental conditions are evaluated under blue book listing 12. Ssa blue book for disabilities 20adult. Fortunately, in some cases, social security disability benefits can help alleviate. Ssa blue book the blue book contains all of the conditions that may qualify an individual for.

Both programs are administered. Ssa has not fully revised the listings for mental disorders since 1990 and proposed these rule changes in november. The new rules reflect advances ssa blue book 12 04 b in medical knowledge, public comments from the proposal, and updates contained in the diagnostic and statistical manual ssa blue book 12 04 b of mental disorders, fifth edition ( dsm- 5). Thanks for writing this. Most google searching re: ssdi/ ssi pop lawyers ssa blue book 12 04 b up. I have 3 conditions where medi al records as well as dr completed rfc that meet criteria of blue book for osteonecrosis ( bone death- dr stated i ssa blue book 12 04 b cant walk more than 50 feet without stopping, cant stand longer than 5 minutes, cant use public transportation alone, cant return to old job nor do any type of work. The easiest and fastest way to apply for benefits is online on the ssa’ s website. If you’ d prefer, you can also apply in person at your closest social security office.

To apply with an ssa representative, simply call the ssa toll free at. As mentioned previously, you should be approved within a couple of weeks, and. The social security administration ( ssa blue book 12 04 b ssa) uses the blue book to determine whether someone has a disability that prevents them from working. At step three of the five- part disability evaluation process, the ssa reviews an applicant' s medical records to decide whether his or her medical condition ( called an “ impairment” ) meets the requirements of a disability listing found in ssa blue book 12 04 b the blue book.

New impairment ssa blue book 12 04 b listing in full effect & applicable to all administrative proceedings immediately ssa is heading for delays again after recent cutbacks & ssa blue book 12 04 b years of improvement ssa is ramping up disability reviews in. When you look at the blue book for 12. 06 you have to meet certain criteria. When i compare your symptoms to the list and your gaf score, they more then meet the criteria. If your ssa blue book 12 04 b medical records support the summary that you gave then i would agree you have a very strong case. I always hate to offer an opinion but when asked i try my best.

The social security administration’ s listing of impairments ( athe attached final report presents the results of the office of audit’ s review. The objective was to assess the social security administration’ s efforts to update the listing of impairments used ssa blue book 12 04 b to determine whether a person is disabled. Obsolete versions of part a, the listing of impairments - table of contents. Obsolete cardiovascular listings for 01/ 06/ 86 to 04/ 12/ 06:. Obsolete versions of. The guidelines for evaluating impairments caused by cerebral trauma are contained in 11. 18 states that cerebral trauma is to be evaluated under 11. 02, as ssa blue book 12 04 b applicable. Tbi may result in neurological and mental impairments with a wide variety of posttraumatic symptoms and signs. These listings are set forth in ssa’ s blue book and include a vast array of physical conditions and diseases that can qualify an applicant for benefits, but it also includes an extensive list of mental health conditions that the ssa has determined can be disabling.

The social security blue book is the social security administration’ s ( ssa) listing of disabling impairments. The blue book’ s official title is “ disability evaluation under social security”. The ssa blue book 12 04 b blue book lists specific criteria that under which claimants who suffer from a disabling condition can qualify for social security ssa blue book 12 04 b disability. Blue book categories. The blue book is split into childhood and adult disabilities, or impairments, and includes requirements, basic information and an impairment listing overview. These listings that may ssa blue book 12 04 b qualify individuals for supplemental security income ( ssi) or social security disability insurance ( ssa blue book 12 04 b ssdi).

Cardiovascular system 4. Chronic heart failure 4. 04 ischemic heart disease 4. 05 recurrent arrhythmias 4. 06 symptomatic congenital heart disease 4.

09 heart transplant 4. 10 aneurysm of aorta or major branches 4. 11 chronic venous insufficiency 4. 12 peripheral arterial disease 4. 00 cardiovascular system. What do we mean by a. This blue book contains a listing of conditions and qualifying criteria that may qualify an individual for social security disability benefits. Unfortunately hepatitis b does not have its own listing in the blue book. The blue book, another name for the social security administration’ s publication disability evaluation under social security, is designed for use by healthcare professionals in assisting the ssa blue book 12 04 b ssa when determining eligibility for social security disability. The ssa' s blue book helps establish how disabling a condition must be to qualify for.

Celebrating sixty years of social security ssa blue book 12 04 b disability insurance posted on aug by carolyn colvin, ssa blue book 12 04 b acting commissioner of social security when president roosevelt signed the social security act in 1935, he saw it as an innovative way to provide economic security for american workers. 01 category of impairments, mental. 02 organic mental disorders: psychological or behavioral abnormalities associated with a dysfunction of the brain. History and physical examination or laboratory tests demonstrate the presence of a specific organic factor judged to be etiologically related to the abnormal mental state and loss of.